London is a city that’s mastered the balance between savoring the present and preserving the past. This sprawling capital represents the historic and contemporary, the sophisticated and scruffy, and the personal style of its residents is legendary. Still, designing a home or office that reflects your style can be challenging, which is where our team of expert interior designers comes in. Whether you want to inject some modernism into your classic Kensington mew or add some character to your contemporary loft in Islington, Decor Aid will craft your dream space.

We’ve got the inside scoop to the city’s ever-evolving design scene, from the landmark showrooms on King’s Road and Walton Street, to the colorful, trendy shops on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, to the bustling antique stalls on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Contact us today to book a consultation and find out how we can help you create a space that’s as cosmopolitan and rich in history as the city you call home.

How it works

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    Complimentary Consultation

    During your free in-person consultation, your designer will help you define your needs and offer guidance on how to move forward with a detailed proposal with no minimum purchase.
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    Our designers bring an unparalleled level of expertise and will work with you to create a beautiful space. A dedicated project manager will oversee the process to ensure everything runs smoothly
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    Our purchasing department manages all orders to save you time, hassle and money. We pass our designer discounts, up to 50% off retail, and these cost savings often exceed our design fees.


"The excellent experience we had with Decor Aid exceeded our expectations. It is not only about decorating or rearranging a room or house, it's about meeting a good price-service ratio. Nowadays, time is money, and this is the best solution we have ever experienced!" - James K.

"What I like best is the unpretentious nature of their firm. They treat low-budget projects with the same care and attention as high-end ones. I never felt pressured to buy anything that I could not afford." - – Michelle P..

"Décor Aid came up with a proposal which didn't require a single furniture purchase. They rearranged, repainted and completely de-cluttered my space - it looks completely new! I was very impressed with the service, vision and expertise of the designers." - - Olga B..

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